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Recycling clothes

Where do my clothes end up?!

In UK people bin 350,000 tonnes of used clothing every year.​

That’s equivalent to the weight of more than 29,000 London buses!!​

In landfills SYNTHETIC products don’t decompose, because they aren’t biodegradable​

While WOOLLEN garments go decompose and produce methane, which contribute to global warming. 

How much waste do our clothes produce?

A study by Woolridge et al. (2005) ​

In England: ​

​From TEXTILE INDUSTRIES: ​the waste were between 550 000 and 900 000 tonnes per year up until 2000 ​

​From HOUSEHOLD:​ The textiles, clothes, shoes and accessories make up 4-5% of all household waste.

Environmental sustainability through clothing recycling

The supply of goods is always correlated to the use of natural resources, including raw materials (renewable and non-renewable), energy, water and land. ​

The dizzying increase of production is depleting environmental resources.​

To preserve our planet’s resources, we should implement the recycling and sustainable development. The main aim of sustainability is to extract the maximum benefits from products by extending their life, before throwing them away.

We should extend our clothes life and recycle them, for...

Economic reasons: ​Recycling programs cost fewer that waste disposal programs.​

Social reasons:​ Recycling centres create 4 jobs for every 1 job in the waste disposal industry. Recycling also builds community, by working together for the same environmental issues.​

Environmental reasons: ​Recycling allows to conserve natural resources such as water (many countries are already facing water scarcity today).​

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