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Help Compassion  to a better and healthier community.

Money raised is used to provided football and mentoring session for young people.

We are now accepting any items for donation to our football team (clothing, books, accessories) and more!

We collect all sorts of items:

· Clothes, such as dresses, trousers and shirts

· Accessories, like shoes, handbags and belts

· Jewellery, including rings, necklaces and bracelets

· DVDs, CDs and vinyl

· Books from fiction to reference and collectables

· Homewares such as mirrors, vases and ornaments

· Children’s toys including puzzles and board games

A quick checklist for donating to charity shops:

· Clean items before donating. Wherever possible, put clothes and textiles through the washing machine and wipe down solid surfaces. This will help shops process them more quickly.

· Try to donate quality items. Of course, charities are grateful to receive all donations, but do ask yourself “Will someone pay money for this?”, and if not, maybe it should be recycled instead.

· Call ahead when you’re ready to donate. It’s helpful to our staff if you phone them up to check when is the best time for you to drop off your items

· Stagger your donations rather than bringing in everything at once. If you can hang on to some of your items until after the initial rush, it might help prevent the shop from becoming overwhelmed.

All donations will be sanitised before going on sale

· Anything you drop off will be held for a minimum of 72 hours before it’s processed for sale. Clothing will be steamed, while books, games and bric-a-brac will be wiped down before hitting the shelves.

· The same procedure will apply to items returned by customers, so don’t worry if you need to return something (particularly as changing rooms will be closed).

We will be delighted to receive your donations at our postal address:

Address: Ujima House, 388 High Road, Wembley, HA9 6AR

Phone : 020 8838 3529